Created in 1978 as an individual undertaking, LABOREF has been transformed into SARL since 1996.Has capital of 17 824 000.00 DA, the company is actually composed of 45 workers, among 19 academic.For thirty years it has become a national producer of emulsions and aromas ...
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Products Range
  Savoury Products
The laboratory of control, research & development and application, the heart of the company disposes the most sophisticated equipments to answer to the costumers' request. It is animated by a team of searchers and technicians who are formed in the best schools .
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Djazagro from 04 to 07 April 2005.
Damascus International Fair from 03 to 12 September 2004.
Algerian products exhibition in Beirut (LEBANON) of 14 to 19 June 2004.